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Tom Lyons ​is Chief Instructor and Owner of Celtic Spirit Martial Arts.  Mr. Lyons' martial arts training and experience began when he and his daughter decided to try a local TSD beginners class together.  His love for the art grew quickly as they both trained and progressed through the ranks. It wasn't long before that love pointed him in the direction of instructing. Mr. Lyons has over 15 years experience and is currently a Third Degree Blackbelt and Certified Instructor with the World Tang Soo Do Association.  He has instructed classes ranging from Little Dragons to the ranks of Blackbelt.

Celtic Spirit Martial Arts is a long time dream that resulted, following years of training, focus, dedication and love of helping others stretch, grow and make their way through the ranks of Tang Soo Do.  Mr. Lyon's dedication, passion and love of Tang Soo Do have made him a much appreciated, exceptional and valuable instructor and member of the Tang Soo Do Association.

Mr. Lyons maintains an up to date background check as well as CPR certification.



2144 Weavertown Rd, Douglassville, PA 19518